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We have the most competitive prices for an independent home energy audit in Houston. You might find other home energy auditor companies offering lower prices, but they’re not independent and unbiased.

A lot of our competitors offer home energy audits as a “loss leader,” counting on selling you their products and services to recoup the costs associated with an audit. If the company is selling windows – surprise!  The audit will indicate that you need windows.  If the auditor sells solar panels – well, that’s the recommendation you’ll get from their audit.

How we’re different

Houston Energy Audit offers real, unbiased energy savings advice.  We’ll give you an honest assessment of how you can best increase the energy efficiency of your home, increase your family’s comfort and safety, and get the maximum return on your energy savings efforts. If we tell you that replacing your windows will save you money, you can be sure we’re not trying to “pad the audit” in order to sell you something. 

After our audits, you’ll choose what works for your home.  We’ll give you energy savings options that will reduce your home energy bills 20-30% – guaranteed. Then, if you want, we’ll launch a competitive bidding process with pre-screened contractors.  When the upgrades are complete, we’ll come back and inspect the work at no additional cost to you. 

Your Home’s Square Footage under 2500 sq. ft. 2500-3500 sq. ft 3500-4500 sq. ft. 4500-5000 sq. ft. Over 5000 sq. ft.
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It all begins with a certified
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