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We're here to provide you with an honest assessment and save you money,
not sell you products. We'll give you options that will reduce your home's
energy bills by 20-30 percent, let you choose what works for you, and
launch a competitive bidding process for the work, guaranteed!


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Our energy audits are conducted by BPI certified auditors, and cover these key areas of your home:

  • Overview
  • Health & Safety
  • Duct Inspection
  • Infiltration Evaluation
  • Infrared
  • Solar Heat Gain
  • General Home
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Houston Energy Audit guarantees to lower your home's energy bills through our unique audit program featuring:

  • Unbiased recommendations
  • Responsible contractors
  • Recommendations specific
    to your home
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Find out how you can save money, improve your family's
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Who trusts Houston Energy Audit?

  • Now we know why our 2-story house had rooms that were excessively humid during the summer months. Howard found that a couple of walls were missing insulation and that our air conditioner wasn't appropriately sized for our house.

    After a few changes, our entire home is more comfortable during the summer and our electric bills have gone down too! Thanks, y'all!

    - Mike & Jessica B., Sugar Land

    Ray and the team at Houston Energy Audit are really great guys - personable and a wealth of information. You can tell these guys really like their jobs because they're so thorough. They were good about explaining to me how my house works the way it does, and they even went through the audit results with me so I understood everything they found.

    Most of all, I felt like these guys are really honest. I'll definitely recommend them to friends.

    - Angela R., Galleria area