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Limited Garantee Details

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Limited Guarantee Details

The first step in determining your potential energy savings is to collect your historical data. This historical data is comprised of all of your utility bills (gas, electric, propane, heating oil or other energy sources) over a 12 month period. This data allows us to better understand your energy use for all the seasons of the year.

After all the records are collected, we then calculate your homes historical energy usage by converting all energy used into BTU’s. This will provide us with a single usage figure which accurately measures your homes energy usage (historical energy use).

The number of heating and cooling degree days for your local climate is then adjusted to account for any possible differences between the historic and the guarantee period. This factor equals actual degree days/historic degree days.

Once the energy audit is completed on your home, the results from our licensed industry software will predict your homes usage after all suggested energy performance improvements are completed. We will then provide you with our guaranteed savings percentage amount that can range from 1-30% (predicated energy use). These percentages of savings can only be achieved if all the suggested energy improvements are completed in a satisfactory and professional manner as determined by Houston Energy Audit (HEA) inspectors.

After you have completed all of the energy performance improvements suggested in the audit report and these improvements have been approved as satisfactory by HEA inspectors, we will begin to track your actual energy usage for the following 12 month period. After the 12 month period, all energy usage records will be compiled and converted into BTU’s in the same format as described above (actual energy use).

The difference between your homes actual energy use minus the predicted energy use will be calculated. If the difference is zero or lower, your home met or exceeded the guaranteed savings. If the difference is greater than zero, we will reimburse you in that amount subject to the terms and limitations in the Limited Guarantee.


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